Journalist: “Ferguson riots is a democracy movement”

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The whole Ferguson, MO story was a tragedy no matter how you view it. A few months ago, a young black man attacked a white police officer and was shot. The young man was a known criminal, but he was unarmed. The officer was smaller and the thug tried to wrest the gun from his hands, but he fatally shot the man no less than six times.

Beyond that, there are probably a hundred more variables we’ll never know for certain. The one thing we can be sure of is that anyone trying to claim this is a clear-cut case of anything is obviously full of beans and/or trying to score cheap political points. Hence the need for due process. Which has now been completed, and deemed the officer’s actions appropriate. So that’s that. Like it or not, it’s time to move on.

The problem is that now people take it as an excuse for looting and torching cars, and that makes them nothing but opportunistic criminals. There is no grandiose MLK-like posturing in stealing things. And in any case, smashing a store window and running off with a stolen TV is perhaps not the best way to protest perceived racial bias in the justice system to begin with.

Naturally our dear Swedish journalists, the natural-born experts of everything, do not agree. Sticking to their strict journalistic rules where facts are secondary to the politically correct, the Ferguson riots are either completely hushed up or trivialized, depending on which paper you open. And then there are those who go for broke.

Irena Pozar is a writer for Expressen (who fired one of their most popular columnists for criticizing islam just this week) with strangely deep insights into the Ferguson affair. In an article titled “Beyond the riots there is a movement” she boldly states that:

“What the people of USA are now doing in Ferguson, New York, Chicago and Washington is a democracy movement.”

Indeed? Oh yes, she argues, because:

“Democracy is not a static entity wherein the implementation is always the same.”

So rejoice, this insightful young woman on the other side of the globe has figured out that there’s no need for the national guard troops, because this is merely the next evolutionary step of our grand democracy. And what prompted the need for change, you ask?

The well-known statistic that young black men run a much higher risk of being killed by cops than young white men, of course. But strangely, she left out the part about the overall crime statistic being equally skewed, which kind of makes the whole thing logical. If I live in a house with three cats, my odds of getting scratched are considerably higher than my neighbor who has none. Still:

“The fundamental racist structure that permeates the US police force is so strong that I want to join the rioting.”

And it’s a good thing to go rioting, mind you. Everyone should pull on a ski mask and grab a molotov cocktail. It’s your civic duty, because:

“[…] we have a democracy problem, and what the people in the streets in USA are doing right now is trying to solve it.”

Police = Evil fascist pigs who shoot minorities for sport.
Masked looters = Fighting for democracy through burning & plundering.

Now, bear this in mind next time you read stories about rioting in the immigrant ghettos of Sweden. It’s people like this that are the sources for what gets reported in the mainstream media, nationally and internationally. And it also gives a hint as to why many Swedes are blissfully misinformed of all the trouble brewing in their own home towns. Because hey, every burning car and smashed window is just another step towards improved democracy.


Birrogate: Hating in the name of Good

Photo: Rickard L. Eriksson / Libris

These past few weeks have provided a true spectacle in the isolated little duck pond that is Sweden. A good man, loved and respected by many, has been dragged through the mud, received dozens of death threats, been forced to leave the country, and now finally fired from his job as a columnist.
His crime: He criticized islam in a Tweet.

Let’s take it from the beginning.

Marcus Birro is a Swedish-Italian writer of 14 books, columnist, public speaker and musician. Popular in no small part for his courage to speak the truth, he was one of the most read columnists on Expressen, the national paper where he has now been unceremoniously fired. He is also an outspoken Christian and was close to becoming leader for the Christ Democrat party a few years ago.

On Nov 4, Birro posted a Tweet that reads (in translation):

“Not buying the talk about ‘religions’ being dangerous. What does the biggest part of the world’s religious terrorism have in common? Islam. Fact.”

In the politically correct mecca that is Sweden, this turned out to be the equivalent of soaking yourself in gasoline while playing with matches.

Before long, the full force of the left wing extremists, the journalists, the muslim community and the holier-than-thou PC fanatics were all mobilized and convened in one, singular spot: Marcus Birro.

The pure hate seeping through the thousands upon thousands of responding Tweets could sear through metal. A fellow blogger compiled a partial list of the onslaught. A few samples:

“I used to like you, but now I realize you’re just a worthless racist. You’re a bad person, for real. Simply revolting.”

“You f****ng clown. Your time will come.”

“You are the son of a whore. I hope ISIS slaughters you and those close to you.”

“It’s a good thing you’re a catholic convert. You get to f**k little boys in the ass. Enjoy!”

“Poem of the day:
Liverpool lost yesterday
What did I tell you?
Marcus Birro is still alive
That is unfortunate.”

“Ten grand to whoever makes Marcus Birro disappear. No questions asked.”

…And many, many more. The death threats poured in, the slander, the mockery, the insults and the belittlement rolled on day after day, all served up by the good people preaching tolerance and the importance of everyone’s equal worth.

Then, not content to limit the bullying to electronic media, fellow columnists upped the ante by bringing the crusade against Birro into mainstream media for a national audience.

Totte Löfström on news site Nyheter24 started with a Nov 5 column that set the tone right in the title: “Hi Marcus Birro, you’re an idiot but we can solve that together“. The solution, it turns out, was for Birro to roll over on his back and publicly beg for forgiveness in a guest column to be published on Nyheter24. Birro refused.

On Nov 7, Fredrik Virtanen wrote his first column on national paper Aftonbladet solely dedicated to smearing Birros good name. The accusations ranged from racism and fascism to crude insults to Birros mental capacities.

The storm would not subside. Enthusiastically orchestrated by Virtanen, who eagerly volunteered for role as ring leader, the constant barrage of hate started taking it’s toll on Birro and his family. On Nov 10 he wrote:

“My family is crying. I am afraid. My children are wondering what has happened. That is what these death threats have meant to us. I can’t take any more of this.”

Virtanen and his many foot soldiers responded by mocking Birro and egging each other on even further. The spectacle was not unlike the crowd of school kids that start smelling blood in the water and are getting ready to really lose all inhibitions about beating on the small kid with glasses. Now they could see the trembling of the lower lip and tears welling up. Time to go in for the kill, in a magnificent throwback to the most vicious aspect of childish immaturity perpetrated in the anonymity of a group.

On Nov 16 Birro had had enough and left Sweden for Milano. On his blog he described the feeling of leaving a pack of snarling, rabid dogs behind.
Like Cujo. Like spit, blood and blind fury.

Meanwhile, Virtanen continued his relentless drumbeat of agitation, slander and mockery back in Sweden, apparently enjoying his leadership of the crusade to the point one starts suspecting there is some kind of sexual pleasure involved. Any other explanation for this obsession has long since ceased to be plausible.

On Nov 22, Birro was interviewed in Radio Länsman, a popular conservative web radio station (“rightwing extremist” in Orwellian newspeak) for those tired of the heavily left-leaning national radio SR. Birro expressed surprise and mild dismay that his employer Expressen had remained absolutely mum and not uttered a word of defense in the face of multiple death threats, despite him being one of the most popular columnists and a loyal veteran of 5 years. The statement was very restrained and factual, in no way able to be perceived as anything but just that.

Then, late at night on Nov 23, the editor in chief at Expressen called Birro and bluntly told him that his services would no longer be required, effective immediately. The questioning of the lack of support combined with the hordes of politically correct demanding his dismissal finally overcame the loss of a popular columnist. Virtanen and his posse of Good people had won.

They had destroyed a man and terrorized his family into submission for making a factual statement about islam. And now they’re celebrating the great victory of all that is right and good with the world, where a lousy hatemonger has been put in his place thanks to the courageous efforts of noble men and women.


Trains as a symptom

Photo: Stefan Nilsson

One can debate the philosophies of Ayn Rand and the unconditional praise of absolute liberalism and laissez-faire economy, but she did get one thing right; Trains really are a good indicator of the systemic health of a society.

When the trains are reliable and run on time, free trade flows and people can feel confident getting where they need to be. A sense of certainty and predictability braces society against whatever other turmoil there might be.

When the trains become unreliable and the focus shifts from proper maintenance and fixing the underlying problems to instead covering up the unflattering statistics, society is in trouble.

The latter is exactly what is happening in Sweden, and it’s getting worse by the year.

Back in the stone age, the trains, tracks and all infrastructure was owned by the government. This set the stage for the kind of flexibility, pricing and customer service you’d expect from a government monopoly staffed by entitled lifetime employees. But at least there was regular maintenance.

Nowadays, there are many different operators running all sorts of trains back and forth. In theory, they all chip in for maintenance, which is handled by the government agency Trafikverket. They in turn contract out the service to companies that in turn usually subcontract it out to whoever bids the lowest. This shouldn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work as planned, but of course that is exactly how it is.

Train researcher Rebecca Forsberg says Trafikverket basically lost all control. Necessary maintenance is neglected in favor of “fire fighting”, with several recent derailings as a result. She has interviewed numerous train drivers who says they report in urgent repair needs and hazards as they are spotted, yet the problems go unaddressed until there is an incident.

Ulf Adelsohn, former head of the government train behemoth SJ, puts the blame squarely on dumb politicians.

“The railway system has been a playhouse for ignorant politicians for 25 years […] when maintenance is neglected, the passengers are the ones paying for it both in the form of tax hikes and delays.”

Ain’t that the truth. I have personally experienced the extremely unreliable trains of Sweden, and there seems to be a 50/50 chance of you actually ending up at your destination on time. Therefore, now I drive even though it would technically be cheaper, quicker and more environmentally sound to take the train. But if I miss a doctor’s appointment or business meeting due to delayed or cancelled trains, the extra cost and inconvienience wipe out the benefit of ten successful train rides.

The matter of cancellations also bring about another side effect: The trains that DO run get dangerously overpacked when the passengers of the cancelled train has to squeeze into the next one. Just the other day there was another case of a woman succumbing to the heat and pressure inside the sardine cans masquerading as train cars and had to be brought to the hospital by ambulance.

“This is chaos, and it was just the same yesterday,” said one of the passengers. “It’s almost scary!”

The most heavily trafficked routes appears to be hardest hit. In 2010, almost exactly half – 48% – of the passenger trains between Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden’s two largest cities, were delayed.

Besides aggravation for passengers, businesses relying on goods being transported by rail are losing billions every year when deadlines are missed and factories shut down due to missing components.

And yet, Trafikverket is thumping its chest over having the most reliable trains in Europe and sky-high customer satisfaction. The annual on-time percentage is claimed to be in the high 90s.

These are obviously cooked numbers. Indeed, once you open the lid you quickly see that, for example, all cancellations just disappear rather than get make it into the statistics. So when the 7:20 train is cancelled at 7:18, the passengers can take comfort in that they’re not delayed as they wait for the 7:45 train instead.

They also recently changed the measurement for “delay” from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. So a commuter that arrives 14 minutes late to the office or a connecting train isn’t late at all, according to the statistics.

And the future isn’t looking any brighter. Budgeting is in shambles with huge shortfalls in the years ahead. And this is despite “creative” assumptions, such as the rail switches having an expected life span of 550 years.

Amazingly, none of this is anyone’s fault. Just like the bickering bureaucrats in Atlas Shrugged, butt-covering is elevated to an art form. It’s always the predecessor’s fault, or the subcontractor, or the politician, or the local ordinances, or… But whatever the cause is, the railways continue to crumble unattended. Time will tell when we’ll see the first major disaster with heavy loss of life or a serious environmental impact.

New Swedish head of police announced

The rapid downfall of the Swedish police force combined with the emergence of clan-controlled no-go zones should come as news to few, except of course the Swedes who still rely on Swedish mainstream media.

As the Landskrona incident clearly showed, some thugs are losing respect for the police to the point where they openly attack officers — and when the police commander doesn’t dare send in reinforcements to back them up, it’s safe to say the situation is pretty bad.

Thus, expectations were high when there was a major restructuring of the police authority announced. Just what we needed; a tougher, more agile law enforcement apparatus to combat the new kind of crime flooding the streets every day!

Well, looks like joke’s on the Swedish taxpayer. Earlier this year it was announced that the Stockholm Police Academy will move to the infamous Södertörns Högskola, where the focus will be cultural sensitivity, gender awareness and a deeper understanding of ethnical differences. Exactly what you need when dealing with thugs equipped with machine guns.

But bold and steadfast leadership with rock-solid integrity can overcome a lot. Unfortunately, that’s not what Sweden is getting.

The new head of police is a political animal named Dan Eliasson. He was previously heading the disastrous migration bureau and the equally disastrous welfare service (notice a pattern?) Putting a real cop that has risen through the ranks thanks to skills and quick wits in charge would probably risk the new organization turning out to be an improvement, so steps were taken to prevent this.

Photo by Försäkringskassan, montage courtesy of Fria Tider

Another aspect of this is that he is heavily biased against nationalist party SD. He has been accused of breaking the law for making harsh political plays against SD, not as an individual, but in his role of welfare service director. Earlier this year he Twittered that “hearing J Åkesson [the SD party leader] debate makes me want to puke!” and accused the party of racism.

This animosity against SD is not an insignificant detail considering the widespread left-wing harassment and violence aimed at SD activists and politicians, who rely on the police for protection. If the police leadership starts cultivating an attitude of blaming the victims because they have the “wrong party affiliation,” we’re on a very dangerous path.

Other telltale signs of Eliasson’s lack of moral fiber is seen in incidents like the 2006 attempt to strong-arm the attorney general into ceasing his criticism of Eliasson’s dysfunctinal justice department despite this being exactly what the AG is supposed to do (note: Eliasson was justice minister Thomas Bodström’s right-hand man in this affair).

In August just this year, he tried to “clean up” his misdeeds a little and ordered an employee to alter his wikipedia page. People noticed the suddenly squeaky clean profile and tracked the IP-address right back to the welfare service headquarters, where a red-faced Eliasson had to confess.

Other than that, the most notable thing about the new head of Swedish police is that he is a former punk rocker who played in a band producing the immortal hit “F***ing in Bangkok“.

IS sleeper cells in Sweden

A defector from the Islamic State, the brutal terror organization made notorious by slaughtering civilians and beheading Westerners on the Internet, is now confirming the suspicion there are sleeper cells in Sweden just waiting to unleash acts of terror on the population.

The defector was stationed in Raqqa in Syria, where he was privy to information about many european IS sleeper cells including the Swedish ones. He has also been in contact with a friend receiving serious threats from one of the Swedish sleeper cells.

Columnist Zulmay Afzeli, himself a muslim, sounded the alarm earlier this year in conservative paper Svenska Dagbladet that half the people in his local mosque in Stockholm had left for Syria to fight for IS. Most of them will return having learned the ins and outs of terrorism while hardening their resolve to bring down the weak “infidels” of the west.

This, in combination with Sweden’s infamously lax background checks of new immigrants, suggest the number of sleeper cells is likely to increase dramatically over time.

It is worth noting that the news report source is actually Norwegian. Despite this being a big story in Norway that broke 5:30 am yesterday, mainstream Swedish media has so far kept absolutely mum. The big headlines in Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Aftonbladet etc. are about the coming shortage of chocolate in the world, Charles Manson getting married, a hacking attempt of an SD politicians email account (the newspaper doing the hacking; the news story an attempt to scandalize the politican) and Peter Forsberg’s inclusion in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

It would appear the new Swedish journalist union guidelines are working as planned.

Swedish ambulance union demands military gear for no-go zones

The Swedish police recently released a map of 55 no-go zones, where law enforcement in effect have ceded control to predominantly immigrant gangs. When I reported it on my blog, some readers expressed disbelief despite the source being readily available and supporting every statement made in my post.

Well, now the Swedish ambulance union is demanding military grade protection gear to enter these no-go zones, since the attacks are growing too frequent and too severe. The list of incidents ranges from slashed tires and smashed windshields to physical violence with machetes and firearms. Blinding drivers with green lasers in an attempt to make them crash is another popular pastime in the no-go zones; this growing sport also frequently afflicts bus drivers, taxis, mailmen, fire trucks and delivery services.

“We need the paramedics to be prepared when entering these hot zones,” said union leader Henrik Johansson. “They need riot helmets, bulletproof vests, shin guards and holsterpacks. That’s the equipment needed to work in this environment. Of course, they also [need to be] equipped with gas masks.”

“So they’ll look like riot police?” The reporter asked.

“No, I’d say military grade gear is called for.”

Attacking a person trying to save someone’s life is beyond morally repulsive. But what makes it especially stupid is that since these ghettos are primarily populated by immigrants, the thugs are ambushing ambulances on their way to save what might well be a relative.

But as for the doubters who claimed it couldn’t possibly be this bad in Sweden; if you don’t believe an official report issued by the national police authority, will you at least listen to the people who have to work in these areas?

Of course, you’re welcome to take an unarmed evening stroll through one of the no-go zones whenever you feel like proving them wrong. Good luck.

Sweden’s islamist minister involved in fraud

Mehmet Kaplan

Sweden’s new Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Mehmet Kaplan, has made headlines since his appointment for his hardline islamistic views and involvement with muslim hate preachers. Now his participation in a major mosque funding fraud is surfacing.

In Husby, one of the muslim enclaves outside Stockholm made famous for the 2013 immigrant riots, the community had been saving up for a proper mosque to be erected instead of the current facilities being rented by the city. They did so using a foundation called the Husby Islamic Culture Center, which collected membership fees and hundreds of voluntary donations over the years.

Now there’s suddenly 1,3 million missing from the funds, and the foundation itself is set to be disbanded entirely by the end of the week. This was decided by a board of directors that the members claim is bogus, since these board members were ousted long ago and thus had no legal right the foundation’s monies. As the foundation minutes filed with the local court shows, the chairman signing the dotted line was Mehmet Kaplan.

Imat Adwan, spokesman för the group, and Ridha Zaafrani, the legit chairman of the foundation, has been trying to get answers concerning the whereabouts of the missing money without success. As Kaplan was chairman, they demand a straight answer from the minister.

“We demand to know where the money has been moved, and why. Was Kaplan aware that they were plundering the mosque building project money?”

When confronted by the press, Kaplan denied any wrong-doing and refused to comment further on the issue.

There are many peculiar aspects of this story that are unanswered as of this writing, but we’ll keep an eye on it. The members have now hired legal counsel to bring the matter to court, where the full extent of Kaplan’s involvement will hopefully be revealed.