Sweden recognizes Palestine

In a decision that can be described in many words — “Baffling”, “Questionable” and “Stupid” spring to mind instantly — the Leftist-Green coalition government today announced their recognition of the Palestinian state.

The fact that it doesn’t even fulfill the most basic definition of a state, what with the hazy definition of it’s extent, the absence of stable government and of course total lack of control over their own territory doesn’t concern the welder and his merry band. (Edit: Yes, the Swedish prime minister is a completely uneducated welder that even dropped out of welding school. No joke.)

Simply put, the many years of terror by Hamas finally paid off. And Sweden’s reckless move will of course be leveraged to put pressure on other western nations to follow suit. It’s like one parent demanding a kid cleaning his room if he wants dessert, and then the other parent not only ignores that but also serves the ice cream before dinner itself. And topping it off with extra chocolate sauce as a bonus.

Why this had to be done remains something of a mystery. It certainly isn’t one of those top issues for the regular voters; in fact, the vast majority of Swedes probably couldn’t care less one way or the other. The only ones who like to make this an issue is the communist party V, but here’s the kicker — they were kept out of the government coalition and shouldn’t even be a factor! It is possible Löfvén is hoping to use this as a “store credit” for future support in parliament by V, but it seems like a long shot.

Is it even legal and binding? Far from certain. When Löfvén started hinting that Palestinian recognition was imminent, the conservative parties protested loudly that they were breaking the rules. A decision of this magnitude can’t be done on a whim, but must be properly debated and agreed upon in the foreign council, they said.
“They are acting like an elephant in a procelein factory,” C party leader Annie Lööf said.

Then there’s the legitimacy of the government itself. Since elected, the S-MP coalition has paraded out a true Mickey Mouse set of ministers, broken practially every single campaign promise, and embarrassed themselves internationally numerous times already in the short time they’ve been in power. All this done with a minority government with only 37% voter support to begin with. And that number is dropping like a rock.

A poll released today shows a voter confidence rate of: -2. No joke. They’re in negative territory. Even traditionally left-leaning newspapers are now running editorials pondering the merits of a declaration of no confidence by the other parties, triggering a re-election.

Now, considering how ridiculously weak this government is, they were obviously in no position to puff out their chests and make a snap decision of this magnitude. But now that they’ve crossed the Rubicon, what happens if the government falls next month? Practically all their disastrous domestic plays will be null and void — the point of booting them out in the first place — but what of Palestine?

Time will tell, but Israel just called its ambassador home, triggering the Löfvén administration’s first real international crisis. Judging by their track record, odds are Sweden will deteriorate diplomatic relations with both Israel AND Palestine, until Löfvén misreads the map and declares war on Australia. All within the week.


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