Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones

[Edit: To clarify, the term “no-go zones” is how the Swedish media referred to the report when it was released. It is also what the police officers call it (direct quote in English found here) However, the report itself does not use that wording; it talks about “…the regular justice system being disabled,” “…police being unable to perform it’s duties” and “…local residents considering the criminals to be the ones running the area,” with police being subjected to violence and harassment when entering. The net effect is the same, but in light of the Fox News controversy it seems prudent to point this out. It should also be made clear that this report refers to criminal gangs seizing control; the kind of shariah-ruled, muslim-only enclaves Steve Emerson was talking about in Britain and France do not exist in Sweden.]

The Swedish police recently released a map of 55 areas where they publicly admit to having surrendered control to the criminal gangs. These areas have long had problems with mailmen, fire trucks and ambulances being attacked when trying to enter, which has led to them routinely requesting police escort. Now it’s the police being attacked outright. A new trend is also to map out police homes and families to intimidate and discourage policework, police say.

These no-go zones are primarily so-called “exclusion areas” which is the politically correct term for the 186 ghettos that have sprung up around Sweden in the past two decades. These areas are predominantly populated by immigrants from muslim countries with low education and even lower employment rates. The exception being the enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the fields of drug dealing, protection rackets and robberies.

Since the real law doesn’t apply, the function of justice has largely been taken over by the gangs themselves, not unlike how the mafia is seen as the go-to place in rural Italy when the local police is too corrupt to serve its purpose. Unofficial courts are held and punishments are meted out based on the cultural norms of the dominant gangs. Some no-go areas even have vehicle checkpoints at the border, according to the report. Not police checkpoints, but the gangs protecting their turf from law enforcement and rival gangs.

This development would have been inconceivable only 20 years ago, and one would think this official surrender by the police would have made big headlines. This is not the case; for the most part the report is hushed up.

It can be speculated that this is due to the fact that any reporting on this could be seen as “support” for nationalist party SD that wants to restrict the vast inflow to these ghettos, which is an absolute no-no amongst the journalists and could cost them their jobs. The world’s most extreme immigration from the MENA-region must continue unchallenged, and another 100 000+ must be added annually to the ghetto gangs’ recruitment base.

Update April 11, 2015 There continues to be a number of Swedes that pop up informing me that this is all wrong, even now, over six months after writing about this here and in Daily Caller. It puzzles me why there’s always a few Swedes showing up in an attempt to discredit anyone writing about these matters in international media. What’s the agenda? I live in Sweden too, and here is a handful news stories that can be easily run through Google Translate by anyone:

National newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, originator of the term “no-go zones”:


National newspaper Aftonbladet on the rampant ISIS recruitment taking place in these areas:

Dr Magnus Ranstorp on the rapid growth of radicalized Islamists (in English):


An article about the police incident deserting their own and ceding control to criminals in Landskrona. They literally use the term in the headline, adding that the police are now pulling out of the area:

The local police chief explaining why the officers are not to exit their vehicles and make arrests:


More from the police chief on how they now deal with the area:


Also, if these areas do not exist, why is the ambulance union demanding military-grade protection gear to enter them?


Another article interviewing the ambulance union chief on why they need bulletproof vests, helmets and similar gear:


As for the police report, it clearly states that there are indeed informal courts and parallel justice systems (page 12, third paragraph (3.4.3)). Anyone who has read about Södertäljenätverket knows how broad the extent of this clan-based influence can be.
The vehicle checkpoints are mentioned on page 15, fourth paragraph (3.5.3). 

On page 13, second paragraph (3.4.4) you find the part about frequent attacks on police. Here is just one of many news stories on how police have to install shatterproof glass on their vehicles because they get rocks hurled at them whenever entering these areas: 


There are numerous newspaper articles, police reports and even Youtube videos by the gangs themselves bragging about how they’re chasing off the cops from “their” turf, but I think this list should be enough. 
But of course, you’re free to believe all this is made up. Why not putting that stance to the test by wrapping yourself in an Israeli flag and taking a walk through Rosengård, Husby or Biskopsgården a nice saturday evening and see what happens?


64 thoughts on “Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones

    • Its not going well for Sweden where does that come from… there a great problem in Sweden the money is right now running out the housing of these people are escalating so raptly that the Immigrations can not longer find housing, … Nothings works the old people hardly get any help benefits, you you are in the hospital got forbid if you have cancer waiting list is soooo looong and this is just small thing…and so on…

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    • It seems to me that a certain (meanwhile historical) person was not so wrong in what he thought and in waht he had anticipated less than 100 years ago…..

      People of Sweden, are you completely crazy? The Swedish police should shoot all criminals attacking ambulances, the fire trucks and the police with heavy machine gun fire and hand granates. The same should happen to all immigrants who have raped or tried to rape a Swedish woman and/or a Swedish child!

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      • I’m a old fashion kind of guy. But I don’t agree to using a death penalty for crimes. As I said I’m old fashion. “Back in the days” (a few hundred years ago) we use to imprison people in small spaces and feed them bread and water. Or the classical “stupstocken” which was placed in the citycenter where everyone could walk past the criminal and spit on or hit them with no punishment. Now there is a deterring thing.


      • To Pekka: that wouldn’t work now, you would fill the whole city center with these “Stuppstocken”.

        This is a mass problem requiring more of a military response, than a matter of maintaining an orderly society by punishing the few miscreants.


  1. Women and children are abused and the police refuse to help them. Sweden sounds like an unsafe place for women. Is this progressive policies of the Swedish government? Shame on them.


  2. Is this the future of the UK under LibLabCons and the EU? If so, my advice, sack government now and get in a government that will take UK out of EU and control your borders! I wager the ‘police’ are to busy, ‘minding’ the government and bankers, to worry about the public?


    • Now there’s a thought worth millions. Yes! Sweden could help us all out like that. Just let Swedes in (but do NOT give them the right to vote) in exchange for “our” muslims. Change them one on one. We would get rid of so many problems and we’ll let Sweden take care of them. They know so well what is good for the world, let them have it! A win-win situation if ever I saw one!


      • That is the reason many of us high educated Swedes want to move from Sweden. The problem is that is difficult to move to a better country because of their immigration laws. But if there is a will, there is a way. 🙂


  3. I suppose the author of this blog is one of those cerebral heavyweights who concludes that Mexican and Central American immigrants are responsible for all the societal ills in the United States too and everything would be grand if all communities were comprised of church-going WASPs.

    You’re obviously catering to an ignorant, non-Swedish speaking audience as well because your translations and interpretations are beyond “creative license” and well into “fabrication” territory.


    • Rusti, you appear to be an unusually inept troll, but I’ll respond anyway. This is an official report by the Swedish police authorities. The source is linked at the beginning for anyone to read. If your browser does not have a built-in translation feature, you can easily copy & paste into Google Translate. Each statement made in my post is fully supported by the report.

      So go ahead, what are the fabrications? Please be specific. You made the accusation, and I’m calling you on it. Produce or STFU.

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    • You have misinterpreted him. Nowhere did he say that the “no go zones” are the cause of all of the problems, but that they are a significant part. All too often many people on the extreme left will go off on one point, to the exclusion of the truth. It’s a common smoke screen.


  4. Hello, thanks for this piece. Is there any clearer way to demonstrate to the three blind monkeys, those who do not want to recognise the issue, that these zones are actually immigrant dominated? I see the opinion piece linked discusses gangs tied by friendship, ethnicity etc. which is indicative.


  5. The immigration in Sweden is out of hand, it really is. The problem lies in our politicians, the ones going forward right now. Socialists and “Feminists” (more like men haters) feel like it is correct to take in 100k immigrants every year. With a total population of 9 million. Half of these 100k does not get jobs, and live on tax money. It is impossible to make 100k jobs every year that does not require you to speak Swedish, and in some cases even English. Therefor the taxes gets raised, and nobody wants raised taxes so rich people moves out of the country. If our high tax payers leave, then the economy strikes to the ground. Why do I feel like this is going to happen? Well, our “liberal” party Moderaterna recently changed a lot of politicians. Some of you might recognize Fredrik Reinfeldt from tax funded films. I believe it was the Eurovision song contest he made a movie for (short funny 3 min). Anyway, he did not do as many mistakes as our new, and looked more professional. Moderaterna also lost the best economic minister in Europe. Guess what, as he left Finland immediately hired him.

    Get this people back, get some votes on them and Sweden will be the most interesting country from an outsiders perspective in the world.


  6. I dont agree with the immigration policy that Sweden has for one bit but I lived in Åkersberga for over a year that is on the list and the crime there is very minimal and rarely seen in an average day. I lived very close to ‘Åkersberga Centrum’ and I never once felt unsafe. Also the crime was not mainly done by immigrants but also by Swedes. However in areas such as Rosengård, fittja, etc where it is really bad the majority may be immigrants but I am simply stating that was not the case in Åkersberga.

    Some of the cities on that list are hardly as bad as you make them seem.


    • Well, I have never been there so I don’t know; the areas near me (Landskrona, Malmö etc.) are exactly as described. Heck, the fire trucks and ambulances refuse to enter the areas after dark without police escort, because they KNOW they will be ambushed otherwise.

      But again, I have never been in Åkersberga so I can’t really speak to that particular area. I didn’t write the report, but I imagine a report released by the national police authority would be based on local police experiences. I mean, it’s not exactly flattering for a police station when they admit to not being in control of parts of your territory, so I see little reason for them to exaggerate. Perhaps it is you who have been lucky thus far?


  7. The claims of 55 “no-go zones” are incorrect. The report is about 55 zones where police are not welcome, and where a police car if left unwatched can become vandalized, and where police can be met by insults and threats.

    The label “no-go zone” was invented by an article in SvD by Per Gudmundson, and has no basis in the report. The claims that the police has “lost control” over these zones are based on people taking his wording of “no-go zone” as being truthful (which it wasn’t).

    There are no “no-go zones”.


    • I hear this argument a lot. No, they do not explicitly use the wording “no-go zone” in the report. The report uses politically correct phrasing. “Unable to properly perform police services” sounds much nicer than “we have orders not to leave our vehicles because we may get cornered by gangs and/or have the patrol car smashed up”.
      (The example above is true — officers are told to remain in their vehicles and “take notes” of crimes in progress happening on the street rather than interfere.)

      A few days before this incident two officers were cornered by some 50 thugs, while the police commander didn’t dare send in backup fearing escalation (!). There’s a myriad video clips (some linked in articles on this site) shot by gangs themselves hurling rocks, molotov cocktails and other debris at police who simply don’t dare stop but just speeds away. In one of my most recent posts there’s footage of gang members celebrating the new year by firing rocket directly at the fleeing officers.

      While these are not no-go zones in the military sense, would you say the police is in control of them? And would you, personally, wrap yourself in an Israeli flag and walk through Rosengård or Biskopsgården a saturday night?


  8. […] Furthermore, despite the government’s attempt to portray such violent crimes as random and isolated, Sweden’s published crime statistics between 1997-2001 indicate that a full 25% of all crimes were committed by individuals born in the Middle East or Eastern Europe, with a full 20% perpetrated by individuals with a foreign background living in Sweden.  The outmatched Swedish police force has identified 55 “no-go” zones that law enforcement…. […]


  9. This is the fate of every western culture. The elites control the media, education, and entertainment and therefore control culture.

    The push for more and more leftist agendas. The further left you go, away from religion, the less important family becomes, fertility rates decline.

    Simultaneously, the further you move to the left the bigger government becomes requiring more workers to support it. More people are getting something from government, and therefore vote for more stuff from government.

    Workers have to be imported, and they cant come from a western culture because they are all suffering from the same self-inflicted crisis. Therefore you bring them in from non-western cultures.

    Simultaneously, political correctness dictates you cannot demand, require, or even engineer assimilation. It breaks down and diminishes all institutions that instill a strong national identity.

    The end result….

    A very slow invasion


    • Rome was brought down by barbarians invading from outside. Sweden may be the first to be bought down by barbarians invading from inside.


  10. […] The combination of Sharia as a civilisational legal system that does not need a state to enforce it, yet claims trumping authority over any mere human law, along with deeply embedded attitudes of Islamic supremacism, generate potential enclave problems which have no parallel for any other migrant group. Hence reports from current and former UK police officers about Islamified areas where police operations are significantly inhibited; areas which have parallels in France, Sweden and Belgium. […]


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