Swedish journalist union imposes self-censorship

The Swedish journalist union today unanimously voted through a change in the statutes that effectively muzzles non-leftist journalists in general and anyone writing anything positive about the nationalist party SD in particular.

The new clause is worded exactly like those of other unions, where anyone found to be an SD-supporter is immediately excluded, and the same wording that was used to ban Fox News. “All union functionaries must […] enforce and act to in accordance with the principle of people’s equal value,” in popular Orwellian newspeak.

In effect, it makes a free and unbiased media impossible, since anyone found not singing leftist praises equals not supporting “people’s equal value” equals exclusion from the union equals likely unemployment.

In other words, the predominantly leftist journalist union has imposed the same kind of censorship on the few non-leftist journalists that is usually seen in dictatorships.

The Swedish journalist union has about 17 000 members, making it a dominant force amongst the 20 000 journalists.


8 thoughts on “Swedish journalist union imposes self-censorship

  1. re: Swedish journalist union imposes self-censorship: I just discovered this web site. I am having a hard time understanding how Sweden can be so self-destructive. Is what you write for real? It’s as if you are making this preposterous stuff up.


    • Unfortunately, I am not making it up. Kinda wish I was. All sources linked but in Swedish, so if your browser doesn’t have a translation plugin you can copy & paste into Google Translate.

      As for how a country can be so self-destructive… A question for the philosophers. 200 years of peace? Brainwashing by leftist schools? Media self-censorship? Plain ol’ stupidity? Take your pick!


  2. Don,

    I’m an American, I read Swedish, and I also have extensive “living experience” in Sweden. I also have no connection with this website, and, same as you, I have just now discovered its existence. And I can confirm that the above article’s claims are, as per what I see on the Swedish Journalists Union website, frighteningly true.

    Here is the direct translation, by Translate.Google.Com, of the union website’s statement of the core of the new ground-rule:

    “The union wants to protect democracy and the equality of all people. Journalists elected officials within the union board, district, journalist clubs and sections will work for the interests of members on the basis of equality of all people.”

    As I used to think, perhaps naively, that Sweden would, as a fundamental principle so necessary for a free people, always place a high regard for the principles of freedom of expression and freedom of speech, this new rule appalls me:

    Rather than place as its highest priority the support of free and honest journalism, the new rule, as I see it, places working toward “equality of all people” — NOT the seeking and conveying of TRUTH — as its highest — and required — goal.

    Maybe “equality” can be a good thing in some circumstances and maybe it can be a bad thing in others. But, in my opinion, to establish “equality” — whether “of all people” or “of all ANYTHING’ — as the requisite goal of journalism has NO place in a society that hopes to retain its citizens’ most basic of freedoms.

    As someone who is personally experienced in the journalistic field myself, I would think that seeking and exposing full, fair, objective TRUTH, wherever it may lead, is the PROPER goal of HONEST journalism. But not THIS freedom-destructive and apparently politically-driven distortion of the field that this journalists union new rule appears to represent.

    But now the question is: What can we DO about it, to reverse this attack on what in essence is our right to know?


  3. […] Maar laten we voor een moment net doen alsof u nog steeds een van die velen bent die nog steeds de reguliere media vertrouwt, in aanname van uw dagelijkse nieuws, onvervuild van dissidente en afwijkende stemmen. Uw uitzicht op de wereld wordt gedicteerd door mensen die zich strikt gebonden voelen aan de officiele journalistvakbondcode van zelfcencuur. […]


  4. As a progressive I find the self-censorship and systemic censorship by media and book publishers in Sweden to be both surprising and appalling.


  5. Am I right to think these new by laws mean that if gangs of arab refugees start raping women all across Sweden that union journalists are required to ignore it, down play it, misrepresent it, and/or manipulate the reporting of facts in an effort to control the narrative because if they don’t it could lead to anti refugee sentiments in the public and that would not promote what they believe to be equality?

    Because that’s pretty much what I think your saying those new bylaws mean. If so wow how misguided can you be. Forget freedom how about the fact that having rules like that hurts there own cause. They want equality but take equality away from people who don’t have the same beliefs. They want equality but take it away from the victims of extremists. What about equality for the victims of physical and sexual violence perpetrated by Syrian and Iraq refugees.

    Journalist pointing out those who give immigrants a bad name isn’t an attack on immigrants as a whole. It’s actually equality in action.


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