North Korea pals up to new Swedish prime minister

A lot can be said about a person by the kind of friends he keeps. A person surrounded by honest, hard-working folks tend to be a good guy, while someone whose friends bear nicknames like “Knuckles” and “Snake” tend to be a bit shady themselves.

Well, new Swedish prime minister Löfvén has now received a belated congratulation by the North Korean prime minister Pak Pong-jo. The message, dated Oct 14 (exactly a month after the election) also expressed a desire to renew and deepen the “bonds of friendship” between the countries.

The previous eight years rule by the conservative coalitition led by Moderaterna may have been insufficiently left-leaning for the North Koreans liking, but now that Socialdemokraterna is back in power this may change.

Sweden was among the first countries to recognize North Korea in 1973, has maintained an embassy in Pyongyang since 1975, and continues to donate some 40 million SEK a year to North Korea.


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