An anti-semitic Islamist in the Swedish government?

Sweden’s new Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Mehmet Kaplan, is increasingly drawing attention to his hard-line muslim viewpoint. Now he has gone so far that other leftist muslims are raising concerns of a hidden agenda to radicalize muslims in the rapidly expanding immigrant ghettos of Sweden.

Kaplan is a member of the Green party Miljöpartiet, which for all intents and purposes is a leftist party currently in coalition with traditional leftist party Socialdemokraterna. Prior to that he served as a spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Sweden (2005–2006) and Young Muslims of Sweden (2000–2002). He was also on board the Ship to Gaza debacle in 2010.

Over the years Kaplan has been involved with, and later made excuses for, inviting known hatemongers like Riyadh ul Haq, Abdullah Hakim Quick and Khalid Yasin to preach at Swedish mosques. Later he has repeatedly expressed “surprise” when confronted by the press over the true nature of these pro-Jihad, anti-semitic guest speakers.

This past summer Kaplan went so far as to publicly compare the radicalized muslim youth leaving Sweden to fight for IS in Syria to the volunteer freedom fighters of World War II, where Swedes went to fight alongside their Finnish neighbors against Soviet invaders. This raised a firestorm of criticism, prompting Kaplan to back off and say his words were “poorly chosen”.

Now he’s at it again. This weekend he went on the record claiming the reason IS is on the rise is due to “islamophobia” in Europe. And the solution, Kaplan claims, is for the governments of Europe to give MORE money to mosques and muslim organizations.

Fortunately, this bizarre argument crossed over the line to the point where fellow muslim and former Socialdemokrat parliament member Nalin Pekgul had to call him on it. In an article in Dagens Industri, Pekgul concludes that this is nothing but a thinly veiled agenda for radicalizing more muslim youth. Forthermore, she claims this is only possible thanks to the heavy blanket of political correctness that covers Sweden, where anyone raising objections against Kaplan’s schemes run the risk of immediately being branded “racist”.

Pekgul concludes (in translation):

“With Mehmet Kaplan in the Swedish government /…/ a clear signal has been sent to the muslims of Sweden that the hardline islamists now have the full support of the establishment.”

This may lead to the implementation of parallel societies, where the muslim enclaves exclude themselves from the rest of the country and instead live by traditional shariah laws, she said.

As of this writing Kaplan has yet to respond, but Pekgul said she has no doubts he’ll come up with all kinds of excuses and explanations.

“Mehmet Kaplan claims to support equality between people and the sexes, but few secular muslims buy that he isn’t in fact a hardline islamist,” Pekgul said.


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