The New Swedish Government is announced. For now.

After weeks of flailing around helplessly, new prime minister Stefan Löfvén finally unveiled his new government. Having failed to reach beynd the meager S + MP coalition (a very weak coalition with only 39% of the votes) he still managed to trot out no less than 24 new ministers.

Alriiiight… Now where to begin?

For starters, the prime minister himself is an uneducated welder. He even dropped out of welding trade school, but latched on to the union as a career. He barely speaks English, yet is supposed to represent the country internationally.

The deputy prime minister is Åsa Romson (MP), famous för her hate speech against white men during the election campaign. Select highlights are found on Youtube, but for non-Swedish speakers the gist of it is:

  • White men ruin the planet by driving SUVs while women take public transit
  • White men fly while women take the train
  • White men in Sweden eat meat, which is why the poor woman in Sudan starves
  • All men should be ashamed of themselves and embrace the feminist side
  • Men are scum
  • Women are fantastic
  • And white men in particular are Satans intestinal parasites

Next on the list is Gustav Fridolin (MP), the new education minister. As leader of the green party, he has made a name for himself by demanding draconian increases in energy taxes, immediate shutdown of nuclear power, advocating dramatically increased immigration (in a country already at the breaking point), shutdown of Stockholm’s second airport, punitive extra taxation on all flights and so on. The most striking thing about this laundry list of leftist views is that he relies entirely on emotional arguments rather than hard facts.

Never mind that a nuclear shutdown would require Sweden to import coal-produced electricity from neighboring Germany (polluting both countries with coal soot). Never mind that the first Stockholm airport is at capacity, which would mean considerably worsened congestion and worsened infrastructure for business. Never mind that the fuel tax would kill the Swedish countryside dead, which means more farmers going out of business, which means more ecologically unsound faraway food import. And so on.

So of course the sensible thing is to put the man known for his complete inability to think rationally and using hard facts in charge of turning the sinking ship that is Swedish schools around.

Then we have a specific minister for “strategy and future issues”. This sounds pretty cool, since the scope is so loose you can do pretty much anything you want yet claim your fact-finding trip to Aruba is all part of the job. Much more fun than being a boxed-in minister like finance or justice.

The natural choice for this slot would have been a politically correct elderly (age, check!) gypsy (diversity, check!) woman (gender, check!) with a crystal ball, but unfortunately Löfvén missed this opportunity to hit the PC jackpot.

On that note, it is worth mentioning that the minster post Löfvén did NOT fill were that of integration. Even though the extremist immigration policy is the direct cause of SDs meteoric rise on the political scene, Löfvén waves it away. “It’s everyone’s concern,” he said, arguing there is no need to make any kind of concerted effort to integrate the tens of thousands newcomers each month. With the ghettos burning practially every night, not everyone agrees.

Still, this may all be a moot point before long. The government is exceedingly weak with only 39% of the votes. There is considerable resistance amongst the voters against the extreme immigration policy, the decision to shut down nuclear power, the coming hike in energy taxes, an effective ban on private schools and other questionable promises. And to push anything past square one, Löfvén will have to get a majority to vote for his new budget. The conservative parties are not thrilled about the heavy anti-business stance / tax hikes being proposed, and SD has made it clear they will not support any budget where hundreds of billions are spent on immigration.

So unless the union welder turned prime minister can pull some remarkable negotiation skills out of his hat, there is a high risk the government will fall before long triggering a re-election. Time will tell.


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