Sweden recognizes Palestine

In a decision that can be described in many words — “Baffling”, “Questionable” and “Stupid” spring to mind instantly — the Leftist-Green coalition government today announced their recognition of the Palestinian state.

The fact that it doesn’t even fulfill the most basic definition of a state, what with the hazy definition of it’s extent, the absence of stable government and of course total lack of control over their own territory doesn’t concern the welder and his merry band. (Edit: Yes, the Swedish prime minister is a completely uneducated welder that even dropped out of welding school. No joke.)

Simply put, the many years of terror by Hamas finally paid off. And Sweden’s reckless move will of course be leveraged to put pressure on other western nations to follow suit. It’s like one parent demanding a kid cleaning his room if he wants dessert, and then the other parent not only ignores that but also serves the ice cream before dinner itself. And topping it off with extra chocolate sauce as a bonus.

Why this had to be done remains something of a mystery. It certainly isn’t one of those top issues for the regular voters; in fact, the vast majority of Swedes probably couldn’t care less one way or the other. The only ones who like to make this an issue is the communist party V, but here’s the kicker — they were kept out of the government coalition and shouldn’t even be a factor! It is possible Löfvén is hoping to use this as a “store credit” for future support in parliament by V, but it seems like a long shot.

Is it even legal and binding? Far from certain. When Löfvén started hinting that Palestinian recognition was imminent, the conservative parties protested loudly that they were breaking the rules. A decision of this magnitude can’t be done on a whim, but must be properly debated and agreed upon in the foreign council, they said.
“They are acting like an elephant in a procelein factory,” C party leader Annie Lööf said.

Then there’s the legitimacy of the government itself. Since elected, the S-MP coalition has paraded out a true Mickey Mouse set of ministers, broken practially every single campaign promise, and embarrassed themselves internationally numerous times already in the short time they’ve been in power. All this done with a minority government with only 37% voter support to begin with. And that number is dropping like a rock.

A poll released today shows a voter confidence rate of: -2. No joke. They’re in negative territory. Even traditionally left-leaning newspapers are now running editorials pondering the merits of a declaration of no confidence by the other parties, triggering a re-election.

Now, considering how ridiculously weak this government is, they were obviously in no position to puff out their chests and make a snap decision of this magnitude. But now that they’ve crossed the Rubicon, what happens if the government falls next month? Practically all their disastrous domestic plays will be null and void — the point of booting them out in the first place — but what of Palestine?

Time will tell, but Israel just called its ambassador home, triggering the Löfvén administration’s first real international crisis. Judging by their track record, odds are Sweden will deteriorate diplomatic relations with both Israel AND Palestine, until Löfvén misreads the map and declares war on Australia. All within the week.


Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones

[Edit: To clarify, the term “no-go zones” is how the Swedish media referred to the report when it was released. It is also what the police officers call it (direct quote in English found here) However, the report itself does not use that wording; it talks about “…the regular justice system being disabled,” “…police being unable to perform it’s duties” and “…local residents considering the criminals to be the ones running the area,” with police being subjected to violence and harassment when entering. The net effect is the same, but in light of the Fox News controversy it seems prudent to point this out. It should also be made clear that this report refers to criminal gangs seizing control; the kind of shariah-ruled, muslim-only enclaves Steve Emerson was talking about in Britain and France do not exist in Sweden.]

The Swedish police recently released a map of 55 areas where they publicly admit to having surrendered control to the criminal gangs. These areas have long had problems with mailmen, fire trucks and ambulances being attacked when trying to enter, which has led to them routinely requesting police escort. Now it’s the police being attacked outright. A new trend is also to map out police homes and families to intimidate and discourage policework, police say.

These no-go zones are primarily so-called “exclusion areas” which is the politically correct term for the 186 ghettos that have sprung up around Sweden in the past two decades. These areas are predominantly populated by immigrants from muslim countries with low education and even lower employment rates. The exception being the enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the fields of drug dealing, protection rackets and robberies.

Since the real law doesn’t apply, the function of justice has largely been taken over by the gangs themselves, not unlike how the mafia is seen as the go-to place in rural Italy when the local police is too corrupt to serve its purpose. Unofficial courts are held and punishments are meted out based on the cultural norms of the dominant gangs. Some no-go areas even have vehicle checkpoints at the border, according to the report. Not police checkpoints, but the gangs protecting their turf from law enforcement and rival gangs.

This development would have been inconceivable only 20 years ago, and one would think this official surrender by the police would have made big headlines. This is not the case; for the most part the report is hushed up.

It can be speculated that this is due to the fact that any reporting on this could be seen as “support” for nationalist party SD that wants to restrict the vast inflow to these ghettos, which is an absolute no-no amongst the journalists and could cost them their jobs. The world’s most extreme immigration from the MENA-region must continue unchallenged, and another 100 000+ must be added annually to the ghetto gangs’ recruitment base.

Update April 11, 2015 There continues to be a number of Swedes that pop up informing me that this is all wrong, even now, over six months after writing about this here and in Daily Caller. It puzzles me why there’s always a few Swedes showing up in an attempt to discredit anyone writing about these matters in international media. What’s the agenda? I live in Sweden too, and here is a handful news stories that can be easily run through Google Translate by anyone:

National newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, originator of the term “no-go zones”:


National newspaper Aftonbladet on the rampant ISIS recruitment taking place in these areas:

Dr Magnus Ranstorp on the rapid growth of radicalized Islamists (in English):


An article about the police incident deserting their own and ceding control to criminals in Landskrona. They literally use the term in the headline, adding that the police are now pulling out of the area:

The local police chief explaining why the officers are not to exit their vehicles and make arrests:


More from the police chief on how they now deal with the area:


Also, if these areas do not exist, why is the ambulance union demanding military-grade protection gear to enter them?


Another article interviewing the ambulance union chief on why they need bulletproof vests, helmets and similar gear:


As for the police report, it clearly states that there are indeed informal courts and parallel justice systems (page 12, third paragraph (3.4.3)). Anyone who has read about Södertäljenätverket knows how broad the extent of this clan-based influence can be.
The vehicle checkpoints are mentioned on page 15, fourth paragraph (3.5.3). 

On page 13, second paragraph (3.4.4) you find the part about frequent attacks on police. Here is just one of many news stories on how police have to install shatterproof glass on their vehicles because they get rocks hurled at them whenever entering these areas: 


There are numerous newspaper articles, police reports and even Youtube videos by the gangs themselves bragging about how they’re chasing off the cops from “their” turf, but I think this list should be enough. 
But of course, you’re free to believe all this is made up. Why not putting that stance to the test by wrapping yourself in an Israeli flag and taking a walk through Rosengård, Husby or Biskopsgården a nice saturday evening and see what happens?

Sweden’s new culture minister prayed for death of children


The new minister showing off her “culture” in Swedish magazine Okej.

Alice Bah Kunkhe, the new culture minister, prayed for the immediate death of three children in a radio show.

Bah Kunkhe, who joined Green party only the day before her appointment in the new government, had met a poor prostitute with three children in the Dominican Republic. After exchanging words with the woman she says she walked away and prayed to God to kill the children.

In the show, which aired on radio channel P1 in 2011, Bah Kunkhe recounted her prayer (in translation):

“Dear Lord, hear my prayer. I beg you, please take the lives of Maria’s children. Their lives are not worth living […] so please let them die. Let them fall asleep and never wake up […] let them die, because their lives are pointless.”

Fortunately, the prayer was not answered.

Swedish journalist union imposes self-censorship

The Swedish journalist union today unanimously voted through a change in the statutes that effectively muzzles non-leftist journalists in general and anyone writing anything positive about the nationalist party SD in particular.

The new clause is worded exactly like those of other unions, where anyone found to be an SD-supporter is immediately excluded, and the same wording that was used to ban Fox News. “All union functionaries must […] enforce and act to in accordance with the principle of people’s equal value,” in popular Orwellian newspeak.

In effect, it makes a free and unbiased media impossible, since anyone found not singing leftist praises equals not supporting “people’s equal value” equals exclusion from the union equals likely unemployment.

In other words, the predominantly leftist journalist union has imposed the same kind of censorship on the few non-leftist journalists that is usually seen in dictatorships.

The Swedish journalist union has about 17 000 members, making it a dominant force amongst the 20 000 journalists.

Nationalist party leader takes time-out

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of nationalist party Sverigedemokraterna, has announced that he will take a time-out from politics.

After years of consistently facing a barrage of slander, death threats and extremist violence, the toll on the 35-year old has been high. Now, a month after the wildly successful election where SD more than doubled it’s mandate, he will now take a step back and focus on his family for at least a month.

In an open letter he writes on the causes (in translation:)

“[…] our opponents persistent attempts to cripple our progress, the medias oftentimes sickening campaign journalism, and the inordinate hatred of the extremists. In my situation you try to shake all of that off. The smears, the threats, the hatred. That strategy works on the surface, for a while, but in reality it leaves a mark.”

SD and Åkesson personally have been a target of a concerted media campaign in all major newspapers, TV and radio unheard of in any other democratic country.

For example, the last week before the 2014 election the state-owned radio SR hired renegade hackers to illegally access Åkessons personal bank accounts in an attempt to smear Åkesson’s character — because he likes to occasionally play online poker. This was then reported as a “moral hazard” implying compulsive gambling habits, while in reality Åkesson shows no sign of such addiction nor has any personal financial issues.

The state radio is by law required to remain politically unbiased. The other media has no such restraints and was thus able to engage in more far-reaching and creative ways to campaign against SD.

Despite this, SD increased from 5,7% in 2010 to 12,9% in 2014.

North Korea pals up to new Swedish prime minister

A lot can be said about a person by the kind of friends he keeps. A person surrounded by honest, hard-working folks tend to be a good guy, while someone whose friends bear nicknames like “Knuckles” and “Snake” tend to be a bit shady themselves.

Well, new Swedish prime minister Löfvén has now received a belated congratulation by the North Korean prime minister Pak Pong-jo. The message, dated Oct 14 (exactly a month after the election) also expressed a desire to renew and deepen the “bonds of friendship” between the countries.

The previous eight years rule by the conservative coalitition led by Moderaterna may have been insufficiently left-leaning for the North Koreans liking, but now that Socialdemokraterna is back in power this may change.

Sweden was among the first countries to recognize North Korea in 1973, has maintained an embassy in Pyongyang since 1975, and continues to donate some 40 million SEK a year to North Korea.

An anti-semitic Islamist in the Swedish government?

Sweden’s new Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Mehmet Kaplan, is increasingly drawing attention to his hard-line muslim viewpoint. Now he has gone so far that other leftist muslims are raising concerns of a hidden agenda to radicalize muslims in the rapidly expanding immigrant ghettos of Sweden.

Kaplan is a member of the Green party Miljöpartiet, which for all intents and purposes is a leftist party currently in coalition with traditional leftist party Socialdemokraterna. Prior to that he served as a spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Sweden (2005–2006) and Young Muslims of Sweden (2000–2002). He was also on board the Ship to Gaza debacle in 2010.

Over the years Kaplan has been involved with, and later made excuses for, inviting known hatemongers like Riyadh ul Haq, Abdullah Hakim Quick and Khalid Yasin to preach at Swedish mosques. Later he has repeatedly expressed “surprise” when confronted by the press over the true nature of these pro-Jihad, anti-semitic guest speakers.

This past summer Kaplan went so far as to publicly compare the radicalized muslim youth leaving Sweden to fight for IS in Syria to the volunteer freedom fighters of World War II, where Swedes went to fight alongside their Finnish neighbors against Soviet invaders. This raised a firestorm of criticism, prompting Kaplan to back off and say his words were “poorly chosen”.

Now he’s at it again. This weekend he went on the record claiming the reason IS is on the rise is due to “islamophobia” in Europe. And the solution, Kaplan claims, is for the governments of Europe to give MORE money to mosques and muslim organizations.

Fortunately, this bizarre argument crossed over the line to the point where fellow muslim and former Socialdemokrat parliament member Nalin Pekgul had to call him on it. In an article in Dagens Industri, Pekgul concludes that this is nothing but a thinly veiled agenda for radicalizing more muslim youth. Forthermore, she claims this is only possible thanks to the heavy blanket of political correctness that covers Sweden, where anyone raising objections against Kaplan’s schemes run the risk of immediately being branded “racist”.

Pekgul concludes (in translation):

“With Mehmet Kaplan in the Swedish government /…/ a clear signal has been sent to the muslims of Sweden that the hardline islamists now have the full support of the establishment.”

This may lead to the implementation of parallel societies, where the muslim enclaves exclude themselves from the rest of the country and instead live by traditional shariah laws, she said.

As of this writing Kaplan has yet to respond, but Pekgul said she has no doubts he’ll come up with all kinds of excuses and explanations.

“Mehmet Kaplan claims to support equality between people and the sexes, but few secular muslims buy that he isn’t in fact a hardline islamist,” Pekgul said.