Danish politican pleads for Swedish immigration sense

As a result of Sweden’s extreme immigration policy, protests and pleas for moderation are increasingly showing up in media in the neighboring countries.

Today’s article from a leading member of liberal-conservative party Venstre in Denmark, Mads Rørvig, appeals to the common sense of his conservative counterparts in the Swedish government.


As a Dane, I am confused and frightened by the politically correct cynicism that leads to that the same things we have been able to speak openly about in Denmark for many years, are perceived as flaming racism in Sweden.

There are large, obvious problems with immigration in Sweden. Therefore, I call upon the conservative parties in Sweden to wake up and start finding solutions to the great problems Sweden is facing. If you continue to do nothing, the consequences will be dire!

Denmark and Norway, which have open borders to Sweden, have previously expressed security concerns due to potential islamistic terrorist cells in Sweden.


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