Convicted murderer granted asylum to avoid prison

In a decision that is as groundbreaking as it is insane, Sweden has now ruled that convicted criminals fleeing the prison sentence in their home country must be granted asylum in Sweden. It would be “inhumane” to send the criminals back to their home countries to serve their prison terms, because the standards of said prisons could be inferior.

No, I’m not making this up. Swedish news site Fria Tider, one of pioneers of non-leftist investigative journalism in Sweden, today uncovered the baffling court decision concerning a 47-year old Lebanese citizen facing a 14 year, 9 month prison sentence for a murder committed in his home country.

Mouin Adel Al-Samrout shot a man to death in 1999, which led to his arrest and conviction. But before the sentence was carried out, he managed to flee to Sweden later that year. His first application for asylum was denied and he was ordered to return to Lebanon.

Unfortunately, being denied asylum does not include forced deportation in Sweden; it merely means they boot you out from the courtroom and tell you to buy a ticket back home. To everyone’s tremendous surprise, many denied asylum seekers choose not to obey.

Al-Samrout decided to ignore the ruling and stayed as an illegal for several years, until he was caught up in a 2011 legal tussle concerning tax fraud and illegal tobacco sales with another arab immigrant (Al-Samrout was exonerated, his partner got 8 years in prison). As he had now re-surfaced, he quickly re-filed for asylum on the grounds that the prison sentence in Lebanon was “cruel and inhumane”.

At first, the Swedish migration bureau denied this application. But after appealing to the superior migration court, the decision was reversed. In it’s sparkling legalese the superior court writes:

“There are grounds to believe that Mouin Adel Al-Samrout, in the case of the execution of the criminal conviction placed upon him, runs the risk of inhumane or humiliating treatment.”

Thus there are grounds for granting regular criminals asylum under a special protection clause of the immigration law, formerly reserved for political dissidents threatened by torture and death by the dictators of their former countries.

With the superior court precedent set, Sweden has just announced to the world that it is now a safe haven for convicted murderers, rapists, terrorists and war criminals.

After a few years, legal residents can apply for Swedish citizenship. This gives them free access to the rest of EU, as well as a Swedish passport that allows visa-free travel in most of the world. For now, at least.

The ruling is publicly available per the Swedish court system. Case number is UM 3428-12, migration bureau file number 9-862420.


Fox back in Sweden — but not Fox News; Not leftish enough.

In the United States, Fox News is generally recognized as a counterweight against the left-leaning media. With conservative profiles like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, viewers are offered a very different view from, say MSNBC or CNN. For better or for worse, multiple viewpoints enables the regular voter to listen in to both sides and make his or her own decision.

In Sweden, enabling viewers to hear both sides is apparently deemed undemocratic.

As Right-leaning news site Fria Tider reports, Fox attempted to introduce Fox News and it’s international news years ago on Swedish channel TV8. Leftists swiftly responded by filing claims against the channel based on an obscure paragraph in the radio/TV code (chapter 5; paragraph 1) stating that all content has to depict absolute equality amongst all people. With it’s perverse letftist interpretation, this includes the communist notion of everyone’s given right to enjoy the exact same standard of living. The leftists won, and since Fox News was found to not promote this bizarre stance, it was swiftly taken off the air.

Now Fox is back, but only providing airheaded entertainment. News and analysis is still the exclusive domain of Swedish so-called “public service” TV and radio. Everyone who owns a TV, radio, or anything able to view Swedish state television or radio channels, is by law required to pay 2076 SEK per year (about $290) for the privilege of viewing or listening to heavily left-slanted news stories in TV and radio.

By their own admission, some 80% of the Swedish state television news reporters vote for extreme leftist parties. The new boss of Swedish state television is Hanna Stjärne, famous for granting a “journalism award” to an outlaw group of leftist extremists for illegally hacking conservative chat forums, using a dummy corporation to extract credit reports, and providing personal information to leftist newspapers in an effort to “shame” conservatives into submission and silence.

While I may find profiles like Bill O’Reilly a bit over the top myself, I certainly think he has a right to make his voice heard. But when only the leftist equivalent is allowed to speak, and the counterweight opinion being deemed illegal, the whole concept of democracy is jeopardized. And Sweden is on very, very thin ice.

Is it any wonder that neighboring country Denmark had to start radio broadcasts for Swedish listeners per the old Voice of America concept this year? Really. The Voice of Denmark ran a series of highly acclaimed broadcasts about taboo subjects like freedom of speech, immigration, censorship and general liberty during the summer of 2014 for the people in southern Sweden.

The West used these broadcasts for lifting the spirits of the enslaved masses in the East until the fall of the Berlin wall 25 years ago. Today, the West again has to broadcast it … Only this time, it’s to the West enclaves sliding into antiquated East-bloc situations. Yet noone can produce a coherent reason WHY this bizarre slide into censorship and oppression is taking place.

Swedish gay movement hijacked by extremists

As highlighted in recent New York Times articles, the extremist left is on the rise in Sweden and is beginning to seriously destabilize the political landscape. The extremists in terror groups like AFA and the Revolutionary Front (RevFront) use the internet to coordinate systematic harassment to silence political opponents, mostly aimed at centrist party SD for it’s demand that Sweden adjust it’s immigration flow to that of the neighboring Nordic countries.

Now it appears similar anti-democratic forces are attempting to infiltrate the gay movement, perverting the previous message of tolerance and equality for all to push an agenda of hatred and violence. At a recent Pride rally in the Swedish town of Falun, one of the prominent banners bore the text:

“Death to SD and all other Rightists!”

Naturally, the vast majority of the participants are not behind this kind of vulgar rhetoric. In fact, Sweden is amongst the most gay-tolerant countries in the world with same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption and special protection laws against hate crimes.

The Swedish church openly embraces homosexuality and even has had homoerotic art on display in its churches. And bear in mind that former prime minister Reinfeldt, leader of the rightmost party Moderaterna marched with the Stockholm Pride manifestation just earlier this year. The same Right now being wished dead.

So who benefits from trying to whip up hate and conflict, where none is needed? And why are they trying to pigeonhole all gays as being “naturally” leftist? Who assigned violent extremists to be the spokespeople?

Let’s hope the Swedish gay community makes a stand against such distasteful attempts to hijack the message of tolerance in the future.

The new Swedish government

Sweden is facing a very difficult political situation right now. There really is no reason for it, except that the seven older parties have invested every shred of prestige into blocking Sverigedemokraterna (SD) from getting any influence whatsoever. But they can’t break their traditional alliances and blocks either. Since SD is now the third largest party with 13% of the votes, this presents a great problem for prime minister-to-be Stefan Löfvén.

Oddly, there is no reason for this absolute boycot of SD other than it’s demand for Sweden to scale back it’s extremist immigration policy to that of the neighboring Nordic countries. All other seven party leaders have declared this to be racist and despicable to the point of making them physically ill, each of them vowing to their voters never to cooperate with SD in any way. This is despite polls showing that a majority of Swedes actually favor less immigration along with growing proof that the current policy is indeed quite costly to Swedish society, which may be a factor behind SDs more than doubling in size this election.

So… The previous government consisted of the four traditionally right-slanted parties Moderaterna (M), Folkpartiet (Fp), Kristdemokraterna (KD) and Centern (C) forming The Alliance. M was (and still is) the second biggest party and was led by prime minister Reinfeldt for eight years up until the disastrous election a few days ago, where they dropped from 30 to 23%. Reinfeldt resigned on the spot and walked off the stage during election night. Literally.

(Source: Swedish Election Office, final vote count)

Since the Alliance now only has about 39% of the votes, they lost. However, the leftist coalition of Socialdemokraterna (S), Miljöpartiet (MP) and Vänsterpartiet (V) only has 44% they don’t have the majority to form a new government either. Nor can they pass the new budget. Loon party FI fell short of the 4%-mark and fortunately got no seats in parliament.

Thus, there is a desperate tug-of-war, where Löfvén is trying to break the small parties away from the Alliance to mash them into his leftist coalition. In other words, the arch enemy. This would be the death knell for the small Alliance parties, as voters would find their rightist vote turning out to give power to exactly the traditional leftist policies they voted AGAINST. Naturally, they have all turned down Löfvén. So far.

Now, the bizarre thing here is that either side can decide to get in power if they only wanted to. If the Alliance were to drop the prestige and simply invite SD to the table, they would have a stable majority government with a M prime minister (being the largest party in the Alliance). Likewise, Stefan Löfvén could easily end his predicament by doing the same. SD party leader Jimmie Åkesson has made it clear that he is open to talks with either side, since SD is essentially a centrist party.

How is this chicken race going to end? We’ll know soon enough. Either way, Löfvén must present a new government by noon next friday. Tick-tock.

Sweden to face record deficit

Only earlier this year, finance minister Anders Borg was boasting over the seemingly rock-solid Swedish economy.

“We’re building strong financial levees,” Borg said in comment to the May report from the finance-politicial council. “Continuing to work towards balance and surplus in public finances /…/ is vital in facing the next global crisis with active policies.”

Less than four monts later, the tune has changed — dramatically.

It all started when Prime Minister Reinfeldt made a 180-degree turn from the previous party line than Sweden’s extreme immigration policy was in fact profitable. In the home stretch of the 2014 election, he suddenly announced it was indeed ruinous. Instead, he shifted gears and appealed to the generous spirit of Swedes, urging them to “Open their hearts.” Unfortunately, this meant there would be literally no room for traditional election promises, as the massive cost of immigration absorbed all potential surplus.

Overall, the tiny country of Sweden (10 million citizens and 1/22 the geographical size of USA) takes in more immigrants than USA, Canada and Australia — combined.

Now the other shoe has dropped. Today, Ekonomistyrningsverket (ESV), the Swedish government’s department for financial steering and oversight, issued a report that predicts 2014 to hit a record deficit.

“The expenses related to migration and integration increases sharply 2014-2016 due to the immigration from Syria in particular,” the report states. “We estimate that the costs will increase by 34% in 2014 and another 27% in 2015.”

In terms of real money, this means a shortfall of some 76 billion SEK from previous 2014 estimates, with the 2015 budget deficit landing at 24 billion SEK. Unless, the report cautiously points out, there are further increases in immigration costs.

For the country overall, is means the direct costs of immigration is approx. 3% of the total government budget for 2014, increasing to 4% for 2015. There are also a number of indirect costs, such as health care, education, law enforcement and certain welfare programs not counted in the direct immigration cost estimate.

In a side note, the report also concludes that foreign aid is decreasing due to the ballooning immigration costs within Sweden’s borders. In other words, all available resources are being used for the lucky few who can spend a few hundred thousand SEK to have the human smuggling networks bring them through 6-7 countries. These people get food, shelter, service staff, phones, iPads, free public transit, entertainment and pretty much everything else they need served for free. All Syrians are granted permanent residency upon arrival, making it a lifetime arrangement. This policy is unique for Sweden.

Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands languishing in miserable refugee camps without water, tents and the most basic healthcare needs are largely left to their own devices. Estimates vary, but most seem to agree that you could support about 100 refugees in such camps for the same cost as one immigrant in a Swedish asylum facility.

Unfortunately, questioning the rationale behind this odd prioritization is sure to bring out harsh accusations of racism, as political party Sverigedemokraterna (SD) has discovered. Thus, the focus continues to shift from cost-efficient, local refugee aid, to disastrous immigration policies and massive budget deficits.

Election fraud in Sweden?

Even though the Swedish election day isn’t until Sept. 14, voters are given the option to pre-vote as early as Aug. 27. An estimated 881 000 voters exercised this right as of this writing, but there are troubling reports of attempted election fraud now showing up.

In the Swedish election system, each party has three separate voting cards for municipal, county and national votes. These in turn have a list of candidates within that party, where you check the box for the candidate of your choice. It is the responsibility of the election officials to ascertain that each voting location have voting cards from all parties available at all times. Attempts to steal, manipulate or otherwise tamper with the voting cards is a crime punishable by up to 6 months in prison.

Sounds pretty reassuring, albeit clunky since you need to bring in cards for every single party to the voting booth so as not to show anyone which voting cards you’re placing in the envelope (the other cards are then discarded on your way out). Any kind of marking on the cards, including folds, result in immediate disqualification of that vote.

Most parties also mail their respective voting cards to households along with their information trying to convince the constituents to vote for their parties and often specific front-runner candidates.

This is where things start getting concerning. For starters, a number of mailmen have officially protested delivering the information and voting cards from Sverigedemokraterna (SD), the third largest party in the country, because they do not agree with the politics of the party. This blatant disregard for the mailman job duty is especially engraving in light of the recent news reports of tampered election mail.

There are several reports from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Laholm and Halmstad where the envelopes from SD have clearly been opened and resealed. The content has been removed or in some cases replaced with voting cards from other parties (!). It seems unlikely that the SD election workers would suddenly start stuffing their envelopes with voting cards for marginal party Folkpartiet (FP), an outspoken opponent to SDs policies.

Other irregularities against SD includes stolen voting cards at the pre-voting locations, and in one case a more advanced scheme: Someone had switched SD municipality voting cards with those of a neighboring municipality, making it very easy to cast an invalid vote.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the risk of tampering by the election administrators themselves. In the May election for the EU-parliament, a noted case involved a vote counter openly debating whether to simply throw away the stack of SD votes on Facebook.

“…We who counted the votes were asking ourselves if we shouldn’t just throw all the SD-votes in the trash can,” the 21-year old wrote.

To even talk about such blatant breach of trust is akin to a police officer openly pondering whether to plant drugs on a neighbor he didn’t like, just to get an excuse to lock him up. Amazingly, the election office review board found no reason for concern and concluded that the person had their “continued trust”.

The official election day is still a week away. We will have to keep a close watch on how the democratic foundation of Sweden survives it.

Loon party may get elected into government

The relatively new party Feminist Initiative (FI) did well in the EU-election in May this year, and according to the latest poll they may actually hit the 4% mark. This means they would get representives in the Swedish parliament, and would be part of the likely coalition with the leftist parties Socialdemokraterna, Vänsterpartiet and Miljöpartiet.

Now, the reason I use the word “loon” is because there really isn’t any nice word to describe it. A few highlights from their official party program:

  • Abolished military defense. Instead, international conflicts will by resolved by LGBT- and anti-racism spokespeople in peaceful dialogue. So if Putin invades, these enlightened people will simply make the Russian soldiers see the error of their way and go back home.
  • Mandatory “re-education” for men, so they change their lifestyle to a more feminine version, which supposedly is more ecologically sound. The program does not clarify whether this should be done in Gulag-type camps or not.
  • Open borders, with full welfare benefits and guaranteed support for life for everyone in the whole world who wants to move here. No background checks are needed either, meaning safe haven for the world’s criminals should the police get too close in their home countries.
  • New laws that makes it so the state can require an employer to hire more people, should the state deem it necessary. The employers need for manpower or ability to pay salaries is not a consideration.

Other highlights from the cuckoos nest:

  • Ban schools from giving homework.
  • Polygamy allowed.
  • No cars allowed in cities.
  • Mandatory reduction to six hour workdays (with full-time wages).
  • No grades in school.
  • Meat-free mondays.
  • Mandatory sex-ed in preschools.

Who could possibly come up with these ideas, you ask? Well, the party is spearheaded by a lady named Gudrun Schyman. She joined the Communist party in the early 70s and went on to become the party leader until a series of scandals forced her out.

Among other things, she was a severe alcoholic. When she was too drunk to find the exit in a packed theater, she simply squatted down and urinated on the floor in front of the terrified audience.

She was also convicted of tax fraud in the six-figure range. This from a person leading a party claiming to be fighting against greed and “The Capital”.

After being kicked out for being too embarassing even for Vänsterpartiet, she started FI. Her first major publicity stunt was setting fire to 100 000 SEK, supposedly to draw attention to income differences between men and women.

Strangely, FI has become a media darling during 2014, and has gone from obscurity to a likely part of the new government. There seems to be no logical explanation for this, but the free media exposure continues unabated in TV, radio and papers. God help us all.

Update: For a fresh update of FI’s thinking on national defense, here is a translation of a recent article penned by Schyman and her inner circle:

Read it. It’s a verbatim translation, and no description can quite do it justice.